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I write as often as I can, my latest posts are shared here but you will be able to find much more stuff on the Blog page…

Changing my brand

I have spent much of today changing all the details of all of my accounts over to GrumpyDad spec from GrumpyCarer.  It was not as easy as it sounds and annoyingly on Facebook I have ended up having to start a new page and close the old one. Here are all my accounts...

Firepit Somewhere to sit and chill out

Just a pic of my lovely firepit in the garden.  So nice to sit around late at night with a drink and relax with family and friends.  Not that I have any friends!  

My garden A small part of it anyway

Just sharing a picture of our patio area, it gets the sun all day long, most days its just too hot to sit there for long as we have no shade, but we really shouldn't complain!

My sunset Yes, all mine

This is one view of the sunset we see each night.  We need to trim the tops of some of the trees, but some of the colours we see are simply stunning.  We are incredibly lucky to be living in such a beautiful part of the world.

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Just a few

Things I do

I am foremost a Dad to my three kids – they come first.  Well, and my amazing wife, I spend as much time as possible with her as she’s my best friend.             I run TheGrumpyDad Project obviously, and in any spare time I get I’m busy with all of this ‘stuff’…

Run LittleBlueCup

An amazing and inspirational little project helping adults and children with Autism and special needs find the little things they so badly need
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Create Websites

I help non-profit organisations, bloggers and small start-ups to get an online presence and their social media in order, and all profits go to my non-profit organisation LittleBlueCup

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Motivational Speaker

Apparently, my story is so interesting people want to pay to hear it! I love to talk to groups and show that being resourceful is everything
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“He really is very grumpy, but also a really nice guy with a complicated life. Let him tell you a bit about it…”

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