LittleBlueCup is a simple little project I set up in December 2016 after the internet helped me find replacement little blue cups for my son, Ben.

Ben is Autistic and has severe learning disabilities and will only drink from this one Tommee Tippee cup.  The one we were using was the last of it’s kind, the cup was last made 12 years prior to this search, and this cup didn’t have long left.  Ben has been admitted to hospital with dehydration 3 times in his life through simply refusing to drink, so when people say “he will drink when he’s thirsty” they couldn’t be more wrong if they tried.

The internet found 87 cups for Ben, and Tommee Tippee managed to find the original moulds and make Ben 500 more cups – enough to last him a lifetime.

Other people contacted me asking for help with their search as their child was in the same situation.  Honestly, I thought Ben was unique here, certainly medical professionals did too.  But here they were, other parents with children desperate for cups.  I decided to create a little project to help others, and I wanted a unique name for it.  LittleBlueCup just had a certain ring to it.  And so the project was born.

Very quickly we were getting requests for other things, all for adults or children with special needs and disabilities.  That was the rule, they had to have special needs, or we would be helping people who really could wean their child off of the item if they tried – it’s a common enough ‘thing’ to have to do with children.

Requests were coming in from around the World, so we established two new projects – LittleBlueCup Australia and the USA to help over there.  News of the project went viral and I was asked to appear on several TV programmes.  I went onto This Morning with Philip and Holly and we did some searches live on air with great success.

The project has been featured in hundreds of publications and on dozens if not hundreds of TV programmes around the world, and it keeps being talked about as it keeps on growing.

I devote a lot of my time to the project, I love what we achieve.  Come and find us online at and on FaceBook and see how it works.