About Me

Dad to 3 with Autism & special needs. Blogger – Activist – Social Entrepreneur – Campaigner – Photographer – Motivational Speaker – GrumpyDad.                               Founder of LittleBlueCup.

01. Honest

I don’t lie and I tell it as it is, whether thats about my kids, my mental health, or if I’m reviewing a new ‘thing’ – you will always get total honesty from me. This is a good thing, trust me

02. Inspiring

I’m told I’m inspirational and motivating, I encourage people to be resourceful by showing how I have made so many positive things happen out of struggles and adversity

03. Grumpy

I’m also told I’m a grumpy old git, but I don’t mind, I am what I am! This is where the honesty kicks in too, I don’t hold back. Usually this comes across as humour, and we all need a bit of that in our lives

My writing

I’m here to have fun and inspire

TheGrumpyDad is an exciting new project for me, I’m sharing my life with you all, the good, bad, and ugly, and I’m also going to be blogging about blogging – sharing how I get on, how I slowly turn this project into a business that can change my families lives, and hopefully inspiring others to try it. I want to have fun too, and I will be talking about all the things that interest and excite me, reviewing products and services that you might be interested in. All with total honesty. Join me on my ‘grumpy’ journey.

Years on this planet

Stories to share


A Team Of, well, One!

Marc Carter


It’s me, Marc, it’s all about me, I run the show round here. But you knew that already.  I’m grumpy, and I’m a dad, basically.

Marc's Tech

On the Desk

This is the stuff that gets things done and keeps me entertained!


Stuff I write about


My life, my family, my amazing kids. Mental health (especially mine)

The System

The way people are cared for in society is very important to me


I want to share my journey to turn my words and adventures into a business


Photography, Formula 1, film-making, technology & gadgets



Checking out a range of products, giving you an honest review


From inspirational people to fascinating projects

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